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Eagle Mk. 3 Stats[]

I can now get into the car TWT files of Carmageddon II, so can find the vital stats for the cars! Just got to guess what the values mean...

  • 0.500000 // Minimum turning circle.
  • 1.000000 // Brake multiplier.
  • 1.000000 // Braking strength multiplier.
  • 6 // Number of gears.
  • 200.0000 // Speed at red line in highest gear.
  • 5.000000 // Acceleration in highest gear (m/s^2) i.e. engine strength.
  • 1.5 // Mass

...i'm guessing it's Miles Per Hour and Tons. The files also list which wheels drive, so I figured out the Eagle Mk.3's front-wheel drive.

UPDATE: Well it lists the most important stats on the Choose Car screen in-game, so best unlock some cars and find the Data Extractor for Carma1... JaffaCakeLover 23:17, 24 February 2009 (UTC)