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The Bridge
The location's map.
Levels None
Missions The Great Divide

The Bridge is a location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It is the eighth and penultimate area visited in the game.


The player starts down a side tunnel, full of abandoned vehicles. This leads out into the main area, a giant valley with a single bridge crossing it, north to south. The only way onto the bridge is a ramp at the north end.

Once on the bridge, there are many jumps to make and mines to avoid.

The bridge does not lead all the way to freedom: Upon reaching the south end, the player must gather enough speed to make it along an upward-pointing pipe, launching them across a large gap and over the far wall.


  • This location is the only one without any regular race levels, and only one mission level - "The Great Divide".
  • The Bridge is home to the Kangaroo on command Prison secret.
  • The player can make the jump in Free Driving mode, and the level does not end - this can leave them stuck in a small grassy area on the other side of the wall, with car recovery being the only way back.
  • Two items looked to have been placed by accident - There is a wrecked car in a void next to the grassy area, and an un-reachable pedestrian powerup high over the Eastern cliffs.

Cultural References[]

Escape from New York - In this 1981 film, the Manhattan Island borough of New York City has been converted into a maximum security prison. The only way out, shown at the climax of the film, is over a long bridge, littered with mines and trashed cars.


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