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Carmageddon II level
The Bruise Brothers
The level's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 10
Opponents 12
Laps 0
Checkpoints 0
Peds Unknown

The Bruise Brothers is the thirty-eighth level in Carmageddon II, located on Beaver City. This level is like a mission, but the game's files don't consider it one; despite sharing many characteristics with a regular mission. The player must waste 12 cops.


Trashing that donut shop was a big mistake...


You start near a gas station in Beaver City. Look around - you'll se few cop cars on your left, so you can easily start with them. The easiest way to destroy a cop car it to squeeze it against a solid object, like a wall for instance. If you have a big and strong vehicle, like Semi Mk.2 or even Hick Pickup you can easily ram using them.

Try to lure your opponents to a part of the city where you can do it, and avoid shores, water reservoirs and open spaces, mainly because it gets a lot harder to wreck opponents.

Also, be sure to repair your vehicle - cops are stronger and more durable than they look - don't underestimate them.

When you wreck the last, twelfth opponent, the mission ends.


  • The Bruise Brothers is a pun on The Blues Brothers. Even the description is a quote from one of the lines of the movie.

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