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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
The Great Divide
The mission's map.
Location The Bridge
Type(s) Goal
Time Unknown
Targets 0
Items 0
Goals 1

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The Great Divide is the only mission (and the only level) of The Bridge area, and the 22nd mission in the game. The player has to cross the length of the bridge, and make the jump at the end.


You'll need hope to get across. But more than that, you'll need plenty of horsepower.


Pick a midweight car with a reasonable top speed and good ground clearance (eg. the Eagle MK4). Femme Fatal, Witch Doctor, SXE Black Hatch and McKilem should be out here, but this level is so tricky to get around, you'll hardly meet them.

You start in a side tunnel. Follow the road around right, avoiding the power-ups (most of them on this level are bad ones), and take the blue tunnel that'll be on your left. This leads out to the main bridge area.

Drive to the far left (North), ignoring your opponents. Get onto the bridge. For this first section, go around the cars, then up the ramp on your left over the container. Drop into the lower area at the end, and drive up the ramp.

This section has (nearly) no floor. Drive up the two rails, and along a walkway on top of the bridge to the end. Fall off the end here.

The next part is littered with mines. Push the wrecked cars and buses into the mines to clear the way. After the buses, the mines are set in a line across the road - just use another wreck to set them off.

Now, drive toward the pipes sticking up at the end of this section, and use a nearby wreck to clear the mines in front of them. Back up for a run-up, and use the pipes to jump to the next section. This is where any Kangaroo on command power-ups you've found can be very useful.

Push a wreck into the mines and continue onwards. Use the pipe at the end to jump to the final section.

There's a pipe at the end of this section, on the left: You'll need a good run-up, so push all the cars on this side out of the way (off the bridge edge is fine) and clear all the mines. Make sure you have a clear drive from the end to the pipe. Get up to a high speed, into the pipe at the end, and you should fly into the final environment: The Police State.

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