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Nose Bleed Pack
European boxart
Developer(s) Torus Games
Publisher(s) SCi
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s)
  • EU March 12, 2001
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
Media CD-ROM

The Nose Bleed Pack (also spelt Nosebleed Pack) was, like the Splat Pack, the only official expansion pack for Carmageddon: Total Destruction Racing 2000. Released on March 12th 2001, it added several new cars, power-ups and levels, as well as improved multiplayer modes. Originally sold in the UK for £4.99 (or included free with any purchase of TDR 2000), it was later released onto the internet as a free patch.


The Nosebleed Pack was initially released on CD, and it installs as a standard expansion pack - the extras are integrated into the main game itself. The install is now available as a free download.

There are two installers - the Nosebleed Pack installs everything, while the Nosebleed Patch does not install the tracks.


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The Nosebleed Pack adds 10 new vehicles to the game, which do not require unlocking to be used by the player. 2 of the vehicles are themed for the 1920s levels (Bigdaddy and Steam Machine) while 2 more are designed for the Hell levels (Blood & Bones and Lucifer).


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4 new environments were included. 1920's and Hell were added to single-player, while Super Speedway and Athletics Ground were added to multiplayer. All of these levels are unlocked immediately and can be played at any time, even before the main game has been completed. None of them are mission-based.

External Links[]

The Nosebleed Pack, downloadable from FileFront (to install on a 64 bit operating system you must extract the downloaded executable in a file archiver, and run the "setup.exe" file.)

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