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The Slums
The location's map.
Levels Slummer Time Blues
Sewer Rats
Slumbody got killed
Missions Slum Like it Hot
Traffic Jam
The Jump

The Slums are the second location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000.

General Info[]

A lower-class, coastal, urban environment, there are several tall buildings and lots of small ones (some of which can be entered). Most races start on the raised motorway, which encircles the city but has collapsed in several places. Some buildings have sunk into the ground too - maybe earthquakes (or subsidence) are to blame. The North road is a straight underpass, running East-West parallel to the boundary wall, leading off to other grid-based streets of varying altitude. There are a couple of radio towers.

Through the centre runs the sewer, an empty Levee inhabited by giant rats. The East end leads into the power station, situated on a separate islet to the West - inside is a criminal hideout (destroyed in Slum Like it Hot). There is a Lighthouse, but no ships. The water is a deep orange. One of the bridge tunnels has a blockade set up by angry peds.

The area's exit is a very tall tower to the north, which the player jumps off to get over the boundary wall. The Slums is the only location in TDR 2000 set during night time or early evening and has working street lights. The police vehicle for this location is the Cop Car.


  • Satan's Salami from Hollowood is also advertised here.


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