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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Traffic Jam
The mission's map.
Location Slums
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 3 cars
Items none
Goals 1

C2 target big To Do: Add the time (easy) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
Care to do so?
C2 target big To Do: Add the time (hard) to the info panel.
Care to do so?

Traffic Jam is the second mission in The Slums and the fifth in the game. After the criminal's base was destroyed in the previous mission, the gang leader and his bodyguards make a run for it. The player must waste them.


Road rage, they used to call it. If they could see you now!


Turn around to face the city, then drive towards the target area. The current time is a countdown before the cars arrive - use it to collect every power-up (Red Spanner) you can from the surrounding area. Slaughter Mortars are particularly useful, as are Mines and Oil slicks from your arse. They will be coming from the East - You can use the mines to make a roadblock, but you can also block the way by pushing the various trucks, Czech Hedgehogs and explosive barrels (tap them gently) into the sewers.

Drop down and wait for the time to run out. You're given a few minutes as your targets approach - One Gorvette and two Tow Meisters. Sit tight. Wait for them to get close, hitting any mines, oil or obstacles you placed in the way. Then attack. The Gorvette will attempt to run away while the Tow Meisters will try to defeat you. Drive into them. Use your Slaughter Mortars at close range. Keep hammering at them until all three are wasted!

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