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Although the Carmageddon series have relatively few glitches, they do have a couple of troublesome issues that stop the games from being played correctly, specially on newer machines. This article will detail the most common problems and their solutions.

For solutions to minor glitches, read the glitch page.


Timer is too fast[]

Main article: Glitch:Sped up timer

On newer computers, the timer runs a lot faster than it should, making playing a lot harder. This can be fixed with a variety of methods, explained on the glitch's page.

GOG version framerate is too low on hi-res mode[]

Symptoms: You try running Carmageddon ( version) with the -hires flag, or via hardware mode, but the framerate is horribly low.

Solution: Install this patch from the GOG website.

Carmageddon: TDR 2000[]

Missions give me a Directx error[]

Symptoms: When you start a mission, the game crashes to the desktop with an error about Directx, address 0x80070057.

Solutions: There's an easy fix, disable the MIP Filter. You can do this by opening the advanced settings dialog, and setting MIP Filter to none. Another solution is to disable the fog.

If, however, you cannot see these settings on the limited-size dialog box, you can edit the configuration file manually to fix them. Go to the game's folder and open TDR2000.gfx with a text editor. Go to line 74, which should be 2,2,2. The final 2 indicates the current MIP filter. Change it to 0.

To disable pixel fog, go to line 72, which should be 2d,d5, and change the 2d to 9.