Carmageddon Wiki

I've played Carmageddon when I was just a little boy, the many first times I did that I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do and blindly ran into walls. Next, I couldn't get the hang of the other two games because I, again, was a little kid with no understanding.

Today, I now fully understand Carmageddon. I've even got it on iPad (not actually my iPad) and since Christmas on my Nexus 7 Android tablet.

How did you get here?[]

I was aimlessly looking for a "Wikipedia" of Carmageddon, then I stumbled upon this and thought I could write information here with the other guys.

How do you consider yourself as a Player in Carmageddon?[]

The very first times I was incapable of understanding anything, but when I got used to Carmageddon II many years later I thought it was fun. I think I'm pretty skilled at it, it even inspired me to prepare for a driver's license!

NOTE: So did the Need for Speed franchise

Anything else?[]

High-functioning Autist, also I detest Wiki vandals and trolls. Why? They ruin pages for pretty much everyone, information becomes gibbered, random sabotage and of course, stupid "graffiti"-like text. That's all!