Carmageddon Wiki

So, I'm a Carmageddon player, if you didn't realize already. My first game was Carmageddon II and I loved it. After some years, I tried Carmageddon TDR 2000 for size. It was ok. Quite recently I tried Carmageddon and it's really good as well, but not AS good as C2, IMO.

How I found this[]

After wondering around the web for a while, I tried looking for a Carmageddon Wikia. I only found this one after some years. It turns out that this one actually has some potential. So, I figured I'd just go ahead and contribute, as this place was a bit (a huge bit, really) incomplete.


As for what I've done with the games... Well, I am a GREAT (:P) Carma2 player (completed it tenths of times, in every difficulty) and a good CarmaTDR player (completed once in all difficulties, but haven't played much since). I only completed Carma on easy. Due to a very important glitch, I won't even TRY to play Carma in normal or hard.

Other info[]

I've messed around Carmageddon 2 SO much, that I actually made a number of interesting discoveries. I consider myself to be a good Carmageddon fan overall, but not one of the best.

I'm also developing a rhythm game based on Mother 3's combo system: PK Rhythm.

Carmageddon games in Portuguese[]

Are you Portuguese? Come here, my friend.

"Personal" notes/tests[]

None ATM.