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The Fearari F666 wasted after colliding with a lamppost.

A vehicle is declared wasted if it is damaged beyond repair, and can therefore no longer take part in the race/mission. Should this happen to the player's vehicle, they will lose the race.

In gameplay[]

When an opponent is destroyed, the words 'You Wasted 'Em!' appear in the center of the screen if you caused it (no water or area the opponents can't teleport away from unless in Carmageddon II), Their name also appears flashing on the HUD.

Opponents must be driven into, shunted off cliffs and attacked with powerups to lower their health to zero. Damage levels can be determined by looking at the vehicle - the darker the smoke it emits, and the more bodywork is missing, the more damaged the car.

Wasted competitors don't move (obviously), but can be still be interacted with, shoving them around and rolling them down hills. They spout black smoke from small fires, and can sometimes have one half missing (which can be found nearby). They also leave a pool of oil on the road if they come to rest quickly - this can cause other vehicles to skid if driven through.


  • If certain (unknown) criteria are met in the first game, the player steals the car they just destroyed.
  • Carmageddon and the Splat Pack are the only games in the series where the player cannot be wasted in the single-player mode.
  • Opponents can be wasted immediately if they fall off the map on certain locations, but not on the iOS re-release.

Carmageddon II[]


The DeGory'Un 2 exploding on impact against the Eagle 3.

Carmageddon II made it easier to determine the state of an opponent vehicle. The HUD displays the health of the nearest vehicle / a locked-on vehicle as a percentage, and cars also explode when wasted.

Carmageddon IIintroduced a fun method of wastage: being split in half. If a vehicle rests near the corner of a building or a hard post, crashing against them can cut the vehicle in two parts, immediately wasting them.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

Carmageddon TDR 2000 retains regular and split vehicle wastage. All vehicles in TDR 2000 leave a patch of oil upon being wasted, no matter how the deed happened.


  • Carmageddon II's cheat mode uses the term "wastage" to describe the (in)vulnerability to being wasted.
  • In the first two games, the code that checks whether a player should be wasted or not is only executed when collisions happen. This means that the player's health may even be 0, but if (s)he's on the ground or airborne during the whole damage process, they won't be wasted until they collide with something.

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